Short Term Accommodation (STA/ Respite)

In the disability sector, photos and words can only tell part of the story, hence we would like to invite you to visit any of our locations and experience the advantage of Haven care difference yourself.


Short Term Accommodation or Respite care is a way of having a break from caring while the person you care for is looked after by another career/ person. This also means that the NDIS participant can stay in a short-term accommodation and be cared for while you can go on a holiday. This may help you focus on other things, like your social life and general wellbeing.

We work closely with the persons to ensure that they are happy and receive a service that meets their exact needs. This is the reason we offer flexible, tailor made and personalized care service. We recognize each person as offer them a bespoke service that reflect this.

STA/ Respite care may be the best option if you or someone else you know:

Is struggling to live alone- even with help of friends, family or paid careers

Has a needs assessment that suggested an STA is the best choice

Has complex medical condition– that needs specialist attention day and night

Features of Haven Care Australia’s STA

Staff and managers with the right time, skills and experience to do their jobs

Beautiful homes with a wide range of activities for residents at home and outside.

Good quality professional Sheff services.

Fast and easy access to health professional such as GPs and dentists

We make sure that any cultural, religious or lifestyle needs are met

Regular feedback from residents is asked for and is used to improve care